If you’re obsessed with true crime podcasts and documentaries, or a fan of “Only Murders in the Building” (like me), True Crime is the play for you! Created by Troquil Campbell and Chris Abraham, in collaboration with Julian Brown, True Crime delves into the life of the infamous conman Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter aka Clark Rockefeller and the myriad lies he’s woven throughout his life. Riveting from the first moment to the last, True Crime is a phenomenal evening of storytelling by a master of the craft.

The ambiance of the Guloien Theatre transformed into that of an intimate cabaret space for True Crime. Tables with candles, some haze in the air, and dangling incandescent bulbs provide the perfect setting for how Campbell is going to relate this wild tale. Songs are introduced throughout the story, often relating to Campbell’s experience and obsession with Gerhartsreiter’s story, giving True Crime a cabaret feeling all its own.

Campbell is phenomenal throughout this performance, both when he’s singing and acting. He switches between characters flawlessly, and though he can go through several characters quickly, you never feel like you don’t know who’s speaking. His whole physicality changes from character to character and his accents were fantastic. Campbell is a joy to watch and you can feel his passion for telling this story is steeped into every moment.

The twists and turns of True Crime are just as mind blowing as Gerhartsreiter’s story itself. However, at its heart, True Crime is about the truth, trust, and what happens when those are manipulated. It really got me thinking about why we love true crime documentaries and stories (at one point I went down a true crime Netflix rabbit hole myself) and what we can learn from this fascination. Leaving you questioning not only everything you’ve seen, but also what you know to be true in your every day life.

This is a brilliant work which you MUST get out and see before it closes on May 7th. Unique and smart, True Crime should be on your must see list! For more information and tickets, visit: https://www.crowstheatre.com/whats-on/view-all/true-crime-2023

Photo of Torquil Campbell by Dahlia Katz


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