The Red Sandcastle Theatre is looking extra spooky this weekend as they house their Halloween tradition Doc Wuthergloom’s Dollhouse of Deadly Sins. Created by Artistic Director Eric Woolfe and starring Doctor Pretorious Wuthergloom and Paula Schultz, Dollhouse of Deadly Sins is wickedly witty evening full of marvellous magic and paranormal puppetry you’ll want to make a Halloween tradition of your own.

            The atmosphere once you walk inside the theatre is fantastic; sounds of a carnival fill the space while Caesarina sells Doc Wuthergloom’s specialty product: Doc Wuthergloom’s Wondrous Witch Bottle. Said to protect against various spirits and cure what ails you, a $5 is all you’ll need to purchase some of Doc Wuthergloom’s potent protectant. I’m certainly going to be keeping mine close at hand…just in case (it can’t hurt, right?). Doc Wuthergloom then goes on to tell us about 7 people who died in horrible and mysterious ways, each representing one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Woolfe has this incredibly unique way of weaving in his slight-of-hand magic into his stories in such a natural way as it wows and amazes audiences. The seamless transition from storytelling with the puppets to doing the magic tricks themselves creates a performance unlike anything you’ll see anywhere else in the city. While it’s true that this show might not be for the little ones in your life, you’ll certainly feel young at heart as you watch this master at his work. What I particularly enjoyed about this performance was Doc Wuthergloom’s banter with the audience. His ad-libbed comments and jibes at our participation had us doubled over with laughter. I was used for one of his tricks tonight and I loved it! I’m still not sure how he managed the trick I was involved in! I am forever in awe of this amazing theatre company and the wonders they put on at the Red Sandcastle Theatre; each production brings a total transformation of the space, much to the joy and delight of the audience members.

Step right up and see Doc Wuthergloom’s Dollhouse of Deadly Sins! It only runs until October 30th so you have to get your tickets now! It’s a deadly good time! For more information and tickets visit:


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