Tarragon Theatre is continuing it’s innovative and engaging 2022/23 season with the World Premiere of My Sister’s Rage, written and directed by the incredible Yolanda Bonnell. Produced in association with Studio 180 Theatre and TO Live, My Sister’s Rage looks at the strength, love, and loss experienced by a multi-generational indigenous family. Tackling poignant and difficult issues with grace and gravitas, My Sister’s Rage is exceptional in every way.

            Rebecca Vandevelde’s set design totally transforms Tarragon’s Extraspace. Featuring real cedar trees, a multi-level design, and a particularly stubborn screen door (it’s such a delightful addition), the room is enveloped in the environment the design team has created. I particularly loved how Wanda’s chair on the upper level looked like it was a nest; she’s perched there throughout the entirety of the action, and she pulls out various crafts and things as the play goes on, all of which are stored in these little areas surrounding the chair giving it its nest-like appearance. Along with the lighting and sound design, it was an awe-inspiring landscape for the actors to tell their story.

            The cast of My Sister’s Rage is comprised entirely of indigenous actors who are women or non-binary; it gave the piece a palpable power. Right off the top, I fell in love with Monique Mojica’s character Wanda. She is exactly the type of cooky, fun, and wise woman I hope I grow up to be. Playing the next generation are Shandra Spears Bombay, Nicole Joy-Fraser, and Ange Loft, all of whom are just so desperately trying to hold it together for their families. The youngest of the family are played by Samantha Brown, Theresa Cutknife, Pesch Nepoose, and Ty J Sloane. Through them, we see how the trauma of the previous generations affects them, and how hard they have to work to forge their own paths. This cast is stellar beyond belief; I could have watched them all day. So many of their interactions felt so entirely real that I at times forgot that I was watching a play. The scenes where the characters would really open up to one another, to totally lay out everything that was happening in their hearts, I could not help but cry. These scenes are so compelling and raw, and we get to see the reasons for all of the rage they carry.

            My Sister’s Rage is a beautifully written, profound story starring an enchanting cast and you simply HAVE to see it. Some performances are already sold out, so get your tickets FAST! I can assure you, you don’t want to miss this! For more information and tickets, visit: My Sister’s Rage – Tarragon Theatre

The cast of My Siter’s Rage – Photo by Cylla von Tiedemann


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