In the latest workshop of his adaptation of Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus, Sky Gilbert gives us a sexy tale of revenge entitled Who’s Afraid of Titus? Performed at the Red Sandcastle Theatre, Who’s Afraid of Titus is certainly for adult audiences only, but you’ll have a killer time!

            I have to applaud Gilbert not just for a well designed and directed production, but also for a well-cut adaptation. Trying to cut down any of Shakespeare’s plays into a one-hour runtime is no easy feat, but Who’s Afraid of Titus really got to the heart of the story and told a very succinct narrative. I appreciated having the narrator to guide us through the story and remind us all of the magic of theatre happening before our eyes.

            The narrator is also essential for guiding us through the space; Who’s Afraid of Titus makes full use of the Red Sandcastle Theatre space, with parts of the production taking place in the basement as well as outside the theatre. For those with mobility issues, they have made provisions in the online program so that you can still witness the magic without having to leave the main part of the theatre. I loved getting to move around the space with the story and experience the play as a mobile, living thing.

            The cast was absolutely fantastic: featuring Brian Smegal, Ellen-Ray Hennessy, Sandy Crawley, Veronika Hurnik, Augusta Monet, Ray Jacildo, George Alevizos, Max Ackerman and John Humeniuk. Hennessy’s portrayal of Tamora is one I will never forget. She totally understood that sex is power, and she showed us how she used it against Saturninus and Aaron. Hurnik’s narrator was both comical and reassuring, taking the audience by the hand throughout the story. Smegal’s Titus was fabulous; we truly watched him become more unhinged the more he suffered. Stellar performances were given by everyone.

            This is truly Titus Andronicus like you’ve never seen it before! Performances only run until September 3rd, so make sure to get your tickets ASAP! With such a small space and limited seating, I have no doubt tickets will be a hot commodity! For more information and tickets visit: Who’s Afraid of Titus? – Aug 31 – Sep 3, 2022 (

Artwork “Stewardess Fight” by Kirsten Johnson @kirstenjohnson_art_film


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