Laura Ramoso, a sketch comedian and popular TikToker, has brought the most hilarious, must-see, one-woman show to Toronto’s Alumnae Theatre. Frances is an absolute riot; full of laughs from start to finish and brimming with her wit and charm. Directed by Alastair Forbes with consultation from Ken Hall, Frances takes us on a journey with a recently broken up couple and their struggles once Frank (the dumper) decides that after two months he wants to talk to Frances (the dumpee).

            Scattered throughout the main story were several sketches with Ramoso playing every character. Her talent, physicality, and vocal work dazzle and delight with each new character. You could certainly tell that audiences have favourites as well; Italian Dad got plenty of applause right from the get-go. I even loved the self-referential moments of talking about TikTok as art, we were roaring!

            Audience participation is always such a fun element to a comedy show and Ramoso handled it beautifully in Frances. From finding unique ways of getting audience members to share their names, to deftly guiding an audience member through improv on stage, Ramoso was a total pro, and it made the experience fun for everyone.

            The end sequence is a tour-de-force of everything and everyone we’ve just experienced, with call backs and new jokes a-plenty. It was a fitting ending to a hilarious show and the whole house was on its feet for curtain call. Frances is a beautifully crafted reimagining of some of Laura Ramoso’s hilarious TikToks tied together with an intriguing story about love and loss. There is only one performance left so get your tickets ASAP! You don’t want them to sell out and you have to see this show! For tickets and info visit: TOUR — Laura Ramoso


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