Step right up folks the circus is in town! More specifically, it’s in the Green P lot in Little Jamaica on Eglinton West! Mashup Pon Di Road is the feel-good fun we all need right now. Created, directed, and produced by Bahia Watson and Liza Paul, Mashup Pon Di Road is much more than just a play, it’s an experience.

            It all begins when the gates open before the show; there’s magic, juggling, balloon creations and plenty of food and drinks for everyone! It really does have a circus feel and gets you right in the mood for fun once the performance proper begins.  If you already have tickets or you’re going to try for one of the walk-in tickets to this weekend’s performances (online reservations are sold out), make sure you get there early so you can take in all of the fun to be had!

            The show itself is delightful from beginning to end. Watson and Paul are joined on stage by Chelsea Russel and Ayaka Kinugawa, all of whom are exceptional performers. The characters they played were funny and fun; Russel’s gymnastic abilities were amazing and Kinugawa was hysterical despite not really saying anything. Watson is the perfect ringmaster with her commanding presence and joyful tone. Paul is fantastic and her rap skills are top notch. The way Watson and Paul integrated the socio-political topics within the comedy and framework of the show was brilliant. From gender divides to body image to climate change, they tackled it all and made us laugh at every turn. I also appreciated that right off the top they invited us to dance and sing and be free with them; it makes you truly feel a part of the whole experience.

Mashup Pon Di Road is witty and engaging; a totally unique experience which you simply must see. Did I mention that admission is free? As I previously noteds the online reservations are sold out for the Little Jamaica shows, but there should be some available on July 27th. I love that they just want us all to have something fun to come together over, to bring smiles to our faces after so long apart. It certainly did for me! For more information and reservations check out: PON DI ROAD — MASHUP (


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