It’s hard to believe that Fringe is almost over! It’s been such a fun-filled week and I’ve been so happy to get to be a part of it! Tonight, I got to see Get a Dog by Jonathan Kline and directed by Amanda Cordner. It’s a funny and intense two-hander that really left you thinking about what’s important in life.

Get a Dog

            Get a Dog is a smart, funny play about two billionaires who struggle to find purpose and meaning in life. Set in a therapist’s office, it’s really hard to decide who helps who the most! Andrew Pawarroo plays Arjit or “Alex” who has become a therapist after promising his wife that he was going to make money in a more profound and helpful way. Opposite him is Fatma Naguib who plays Marwa, a very rich woman who loves being rich but no longer loves money. She seeks help from Arjit because she thinks that he’ll be like minded, but things weren’t quite what she expected. Pawarroo and Naguib have fantastic chemistry; the way they play off of one another and how they can match each other’s energy is amazing. Naguib’s need for power in a room was evident in everything about her character, whereas Pawarroo’s failed attempts to hide his identity mixed with his outbursts proved that maybe a therapist wasn’t the best profession to attempt to take up, and all of those emotions emanated from him. They both so fully embodied their characters that they make you so fully invested in their lives and their “troubles.”

            I loved how the titular line was delivered so flippantly at the end of the show it made me laugh out loud. But it’s not wrong, for a lot of people having a pet is a way to fulfill themselves in a way that money and material things simply cannot. This play will leave you thinking but also laughing! For tickets and info visit: Get a Dog | Toronto Fringe Festival (

            I have four shows coming up on the 16th so there’ll be tons of reviews coming your way! Hopefully you’ll have some time this weekend to get out and keep experiencing Fringe!


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