The Spring Works Festival, located in Stratford, Ontario, is currently offering a short works project entitled Tapashta. The Michif word for “renew,” all of the works in this eleven episode series are focused on this concept, a perfect way to celebrate the world reopening as well as this beautiful spring season!

Tapashta is entirely online, and best of all completely free! However I highly recommend donating so they can keep offering accessible art in the future.

Each episode consists of one to three short works of various mediums. It’s so fun to go from dance to plays to animation to music to spoken word! It provides hours of entertainment in compact 20 minute bites. Another element that I enjoy is that they’ve got the play and artist information for each episode on their website, along with links to the artists social media. That way if you love a particular artist’s work, you can continue to follow them online and see what they’re up to next!

So if you’re looking for something to do this long weekend I would absolutely recommend Tapashta! You can watch all of the episodes at and it’s only available until April 22nd!!


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