Opera Atelier returned to Koerner Hall for their fully staged production of Handel’s The Resurrection. This stunning production is directed and choreographed by Opera Atelier’s Co-Artistic Directors Marshall Pynkoski and Jeannette Lajeunesse Zingg. A spectacle for the senses, The Resurrection is a perfect addition to your spring/Easter itinerary.

This was my first time seeing a performance at Koerner Hall and I must say that I was blown away by the beauty of the space. From the spacious lobbies to the gorgeous interior of the Hall itself, I can see why Opera Atelier has them as one of their recurring venues. The acoustics are perfection, making the instruments and voices sounds like they’re coming from every corner of the room. The playing space itself is beautifully simple and is now dressed to the nines with resident set designer Gerard Gauci’s dazzling display for The Resurrection. I adored the gold drapery set against the gleaming white or stark black of the costumes; it made the pops of red really stand out.

The Artists of the Opera Atelier Ballet are dazzling throughout the performance. Their elegance and grace radiate from their performance; even when they’re sword fighting in ball gowns! Jeanette Lajeunesse Zingg herself dances as the Virgin Mary at the end of the piece, opposite Dominic Who as Jesus. Their synchronicity paired with the symmetry of the choreography completes the visual splendour of this production.

The melodic splendour comes from the incredible Tafelmusik orchestra along with Opera Atelier’s impressive soloists. The Resurrection begins with Carla Huhtanen’s Angel facing off against Douglas Williams’ alluring Lucifer, the two arguing over whose power is the greatest. They were perfect foils for one another from their incredible vocal ranged to their stunning costumes. Opera Atelier favourites Meghan Lindsay and Colin Ainsworth starred as Mary Magdalene and St. John. Their voices seem to effortlessly fill the space and their emotions come through in every note. Allyson McHardy plays Cleophas, another follower and lover of Christ. I think her voice and Lindsay’s complement each other perfectly, and the songs they sing together overflow with the despair and then joy of their characters. All of these performers create an enchanting experience for the audience; when it was time for intermission I was shocked that an hour had passed, it hardly felt like any time at all under their spell.

Seeing Opera Atelier’s works have certainly made me fall even more in love with this art form. The Resurrection is a phenomenal way for you to fall in love too! They have two more performances on April 8th and 9th; it will certainly get you ready to celebrate spring in all its glory! For more information and tickets, visit: https://www.operaatelier.com/season-and-tickets/tickets

The cast of Opera Atelier’s production of The Resurrection. Photo by Bruce Zinger.


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