The Red Sandcastle Theatre is keeping the holiday spirits high with John D. Huston’s production of A Christmas Carol. Based on the one-man versions Dickens used to perform himself, this production is sure to delight those familiar with the story as well as new-comers alike. With just a few performances scheduled, you certainly don’t want to miss this holiday classic!

            I must admit, I was particularly excited to get to see this production. Having been enthralled with Huston’s performance in Civilized, I was thrilled to see that he was going to be performing my favourite holiday story. Once again Huston’s command of the stage and material is extraordinary; he had our full attention for the two hours he was on stage, and the entire room was rapt. To watch him tell the entire tale himself, changing between all of the different characters in the blink of an eye, makes it a masterclass in storytelling. The accents and personalities he gave each person was superb, and allowed us to follow the flow of the story along with him. He is a remarkable actor and I look forward to continuing to experiencing his work.

            Accompanying Huston is Abby Zotz, who plays and sings Dickensian songs and carols. It’s amazing to think how many of these songs didn’t make it into the modern zeitgeist of Christmas music, and yet the Victorian Christmas is the foundation of our current Christmas traditions. She sings so beautifully, and these melodies provide a perfect pairing to the storytelling.

            As noted in the program, Dickens used to say to his audiences “I would ask you to imagine you are with a small group of friends, assembled to hear a tale told” and this production fully leans into that feeling. With Red Sandcastle’s intimate setting, and Huston positioned at the Reading Desk not too far away, you get a delightful, cozy feeling. Combined with the music and singing, it’s a perfect evening out!

            I implore you to come out and experience this delightful production. This is A Christmas Carol like you’ve truly never seen it before. As someone who has experienced this story in several many varieties, this is now the top of my list! The December 22nd performance is being filmed and having a full house would make it even more magical! The production only runs until December 24th and seating is limited so get your tickets now! For more information and tickets, visit: Tickets | Red Sandcastle Theatre


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