Eldritch Theatre is bringing magic, murder, and mystery to the Red Sandcastle Theatre with the latest installment of the Apocalypse Trilogy Requiem for a Gumshoe. With the style and charm of a Humphrey Bogart film, combined with slight of hand and myriad storytelling mediums, Requiem for a Gumshoe is guaranteed to be unlike anything else you can see in Toronto right now.

            The stylization and lingo used in the play was just delightful. I love that 40’s/50’s roundabout way of saying everything, with analogies that barely make sense. Fischmasher kept calling his ex-wife his pookums and her response of “I’m not your pookums any more” made me laugh every time. It had the look and feel of those classic whodunnit movies, but with their own Eldritch twist to it.

            As always, I’m amazed at how writer and actor Eric Woolfe is able to weave his magic tricks into the story. They fit so seamlessly into the rest of the narrative and they absolutely blow my mind. For Requiem for a Gumshoe, there was both puppetry and masks being used by Woolfe and his talented cast. Even some of the puppets had tricks up their little sleeves! The many levels of expertise and artistry that it takes to put on one of their shows is just mind-boggling and it makes every trip to the theatre a new adventure.

            Reuniting with Woolfe on this project are his Space Opera Zero castmates Mairi Babb and Lisa Norton. They each played so many parts, it truly let their impressive talents shine. Their mask work was very impressive; I loved watching their whole physicality change form one mask/role to the next. All three are funny, witty, charming, and terrifying in equal measure in their respective roles. They weave an intricate tale for us with such talent and expertise; it is truly a pleasure to watch them perform.

            While you certainly don’t have to have seen Space Opera Zero to appreciate and adore Requiem for a Gumshoe, I wish I had’ve seen the first installment purely because of how much I enjoyed this show. I legitimately cannot wait for the final installment, and I hope that wait won’t have to be too much longer! There’s something so enchanting about Eldritch Theatre’s works; I consistently find myself smiling from start to finish from sheer delight while also being baffled and beguiled at the magic and storytelling of their performances. The fact that they can transform the Red Sandcastle Theatre each time into a totally new set-up makes for surprises galore.

            There are only 3 performances left with tickets available, the other shows are SOLD OUT! So you HAVE to get your tickets for this amazing show ASAP! For more information and tickets, visit: Requiem for a Gumshoe – Eldritch Theatre


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