MOonhORsE Dance Theatre is bringing its 45th edition of Older and Reckless to the stage at the Harbourfront Centre. A joyous celebration of art, dance, and moving your body at ALL ages, it’s no wonder that Older and Reckless has become such a staple here in Toronto. This year’s program is powerful, vivacious, and entrancing, featuring four unique pieces to make an unforgettable performance.

            The first piece, entitled “Patina,” was choreographed and performed by Saxon Fraser and Crazy Smooth. A beautiful love story told through modern dance, including some break dance moves, Fraser and Crazy Smooth were mesmerizing. I loved watching them move together, how sometimes one would rest their head on the other as their body continued to dance. They were perfectly in sync when they needed to be and then moved beautifully on their own when it was their time to shine. It had such a clear story and it was told marvellously.

            “Calm Abiding” was the next piece presented, choreographed by José Navas in 2006 and performed by Nova Bhattacharya. This was a fascinating piece which showcased Bhattacharya’s incredible strength and control as she moved slowly through several parts of the dance. There were moments where I could see her legs shaking as she balanced on the balls of her feet and was moving slowly through the choreography; it was an impressive feat to say the least. An exquisite fusion of more traditional dance with modern soundscape, “Calm Abiding” was certainly a spectacle.

            Emilyn Claid performed part of her one woman show “Untitled” for the next movement of Older and Reckless. Beginning with an ending, and full of dance, stories, and impressive props, “Untitled” was marvellous. I absolutely loved her headdress which, I have to agree with her grandson, would make a lovely picture for a Christmas Card. Her vivacious spirit and witty humour made the story portions delightful, and her choreography brings those stories to life. I’m dying now to see what the whole show is like, because this little taste was delightful!

            The final piece, a work in progress choreographed by Peter Chin, was entitled “You See Us (UCS – Unstoppable Coalescing Streams).” With live music and almost 20 dancers on stage, it was truly awe-inspiring. Dancers would ebb and flow through the space, each at their own pace and with their own unique choreography. When they do come together and dance in unison, it’s magical, it’s like the movement just flows through them simultaneously and it is true beauty. I hope to one day get to witness this piece in its full form, I cannot wait to be astounded by these amazing performers once again.

            Older and Reckless proves that you’re never too old for your passions and that moving you body at any age is BEAUTIFUL. It is an inspirational, celebratory, and dazzling work.I am so grateful to have witnessed this year’s beautiful production, and I hope to be able to see many more iterations in the future. For more information about MOonhORsE Dance Theatre and the amazing work they do, visit: MOonhORsE Dance Theatre – Engaging Seniors Through Dance


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