With several theatre companies across the city opening their 2022/23 seasons and other companies like the Stratford and Shaw Festivals announcing their 2023 seasons, it’s a very exciting time to be a theatre patron. Many companies are doing a great deal of world premieres and specially commissioned works which offer new and unique perspectives on life and humanity. This inspiring time in theatre is also reliant on you, dear reader, to go to theatre and, as my title implores, vote with your feet.

            Programming a season must be incredibly difficult; with so many pre-existing works to explore along with new works being developed all the time there’s a plethora of material to choose from. So if you see something that intrigues you, or you think “man, this company doesn’t usually do stuff like this!” please go (if you’re able). This way, they can see what works, what attracts audience members, what fills houses. I think that our attendance really does help these companies make decisions about what they’re going to produce.

            With so much amazing theatre to see just in the GTA, guaranteed there’s something out there for you! There are several shows which started earlier in the month that are still running and I’m going to be putting together my to-see list for October this week. Many theatre companies have deals and pricing options for their productions as well. Get out there and experience something new and interesting! Vote with your feet and let your favourite theatre company know that you appreciate the work they’re doing!


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