We made it! The last day of Fringe! Everyone has been working so hard and I’ve been having such a great time, it’s a shame it’s all done for this year. My partner and I definitely ended Fringe on a high note, seeing Patron’s Pick Crack of Doom! (Or: How I Learned to Love the Meteor), an end-of-days tale that’s way better than what you can find on Netflix. Plus, it’s a musical! My partner declared it his favourite of Fringe the moment the show ended.

Crack of Doom

            From the first number of Crack of Doom!, I understood why it had won Patron’s Pick; I mean, they made a Rent reference in their first number, I was howling with laughter. Crack of Doom! is a well-polished, witty, heartfelt comedy about a group of friends who are at a party when a Meteor is discovered to be hurtling towards Earth. Featuring a stellar cast and great writing and direction by Matt Bernard, it was also no wonder that the performance we saw on Sunday night was completely sold out.

            The songs were catchy, funny, and expertly performed; “Love Pentagon” was an immediate favourite, along with the title number. Each one forwarded the story and there wasn’t a single song out of place. The whole play felt really tight that way; polished and well rehearsed, this play is ready for bigger stages! It had a stellar cast featuring Fae Alexander, Cade DeBorba, Rayhan Jabbar, Ben Kopp, Jawon Mapp, Daniel McCormack, Krizia Natale, Ben Page, Grace Rockett, and Nicole Sherwin. You knew right from the get-go who their characters were, and they all had such great chemistry together on stage. They handled the choreography like champs (which isn’t easy when your set has is full of chairs and tables) and you could tell that they were having tons of fun. Seeing that energy from a cast at this late point in the festival, and when they were going to have to start another show immediately after ours finished, was delightful. Truthfully, the whole play was delightful, I couldn’t stop smiling. I truly hope that you were able to catch Crack of Doom! at Fringe, although I’m keeping my fingers crossed for another staging soon! For more information check out: The Crack of Doom! (or: How I Learned To Love The Meteor) | Toronto Fringe Festival (fringetoronto.com) or for the Bravo Academy’s page visit Bravo Academy for the Performing Arts

            And just like that Fringe is done! My first Toronto Fringe coverage, what an honour. My Thursday Theatre Thoughts this week will be about my Fringe experience so keep an eye out for that coming up later this week!


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