Hello All,

I feel so awful that I haven’t written in a long while, once again making theatre has affected my writing about theatre. However, I don’t want this to be the case any longer. So, instead of doing individual posts for each play, I might do a few collaborative posts based on the theatre company/where I saw the shows (the only exception to this will be my review of Hamlet, as I got to have a particularly amazing experience with that show). While the reviews might be a little condensed, this way I can say a little bit about what I’ve seen lately and then start off the summer (and this season at Stratford) with a blank slate.

I really do want to keep things going, I want to keep writing about theatre because it brings me such joy, and I hope what I write brings you some joy as well! I’m going to do my utmost best to keep on top of things (starting now!) and keep you all up to date about what to see and where to go and get a conversation about this beautiful art form going!

So Hamlet will be coming soon, and then some awesome combo ones after that! Stay tuned!!


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