The Univeristy of Windsor is starting off their 2015/16 season with a bang! Nilo Cruz’s beautifully crafted story was an inspiring way to get the season going.

On a cold October day, there is nothing better than to be transported to the hot Tampa, Florida of Cruz’s play. The sets and costumes exude the heat of the setting, while also providing a functional and beautiful backdrop upon which the story can unfold.

One of my favourite aspects of Cruz’s script was its use of literature and its awareness of itself as a piece of literature, and also theatre. As an English Major who loves the theatre, it’s lovely to see a piece that revolves around a well-known and much beloved novel. 

The story itself is downright captivating. I was totally swept up in the romance, turmoil and lush language of the play. Conchita, a cigar roller in a Tampa factory, falls in love with her Lectore (Juan Julian) as he reads her and the other workers Tolstoy’s Anna Kerenina. However, it is more than their affair that stirs up the emotions of the other workers, creating a climax that happens so quickly you barely have time to register the event before it’s over. It is a truly gripping story expertly told.

The cast of Anna in the Tropics provided engaging, real and beautiful characters. The ensemble was spearheaded by Emerjade Simms and Callum Gunn as the aforementioned Conchita and Juan Julian. They were joined by the wonderful talents of Marina Gomes, Dani Zimmer, Ilya Ilyashyk, David Hudyma, Brian Haight, and Isaiah Kolundzic. The whole cast told their story with an excellence and talent beyond their years; they should be highly commended for such an awesome performance.

There are only 2 chances left to see this amazing show! Today at 8pm and tomorrow at 2pm! 


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