Okay, so I know this is a long time coming, and no lies, I have very little excuse as to why I haven’t written this review yet. But better late than never!

This experience was very interesting for me, as I got to see the final performance of the final show of the University Player’s season. And while this play was not what I’d call a traditional comedy, it was wonderfully funny, and is well worth seeing if it’s ever on in your area.

The Nerd is the story of a man who for his birthday wants to invite the man who saved his life during the war. However, the guest who arrives to his dinner party isn’t quite who he seems to be. The hilarity that ensues is almost too much to bear! Honestly I thought my sides would split or my lungs would give out I was laughing so hard. The comedy is physical, witty and tension based humour that just had us all on the edge of the seat!

The performances were wonderful. The contrast of characters involved in this play made for easy and hilarious comedy. Everyone’s performances were fabulous, and for Alice Lundy, Andrew Iles and Hailey Joy it was a wonderful show to end their University Player’s careers. Special mention has to go to Isaiah Kolundzic who played Rick Steadman, the ‘war hero,’ the absolute absurdity of his character was amazing, and I honestly had to be talked into the fact that it was Isaiah at all. His mannerisms and characteristics so perfectly contrasted the other characters that I just had to laugh.

I don’t really want to spoil the whole show, because honestly I hope it gets done more, but the end few moments make the whole play worthwhile. I was so disappointed that the couples beside me left at intermission, because they truly missed the punchline of the play! While it’s not all that conventional, it made it all the more fun for me. I love getting to experience new plays, and while I normally like to read the play beforehand, I was so happy to have taken the advice of my friends and just went and experienced it. It made it so much more enjoyable.

I’m looking forward to many new experiences with next year’s UP selections.


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