World Theatre day is here again! I just wanted to write a little something to mark the day. 

To me, theatre is one of the best ways to tell our stories, our truths and stake our place in history. Some days, I think people worry about if theatre will last. But like stairs or books, the new modern versions haven’t totally replaced them, and so theatre shan’t be replaced either. I think the new ways directors, actors and play writes are reaching out to their audiences, having them experience new things or old things in a new way, it’s amazing and inspiring!

I really want to be a director of theatre. I want to be able to make people want to come to the theatre. I want to inspire them through my art. Now it’s just a matter of finding a way to do so!!

Here’s a collage I made today for #WorldTheatreDay. The pictures here represent some if the best theatre experiences I’ve had!



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