I know that this post is a long time coming. I actually saw this show at the beginning of December and unfortunately it’s no longer on. However, I still wanted to share my thoughts about the show, because it was just that good. Enjoy!

For me, there is nothing better than being able to see a brand new play. There’s something exhilarating about knowing that there are just a handful of people who have seen this play before you have, and that hopefully you’ll be able to follow the success of such a marvellous play in years to come. That’s how I felt after seeing Sextet by Morris Panych at the Tarragon Theatre this past weekend. This was our first time at Tarragon, and I must say I was rather impressed with the whole experience.

Immediately upon arrival in the theatre, the set captivates you. These six tiny rooms, with their tiny beds (and all matching to boot!) must have been quite the feat for the set designer. Because of the many doors and rooms, the play was able to have this wonderfully farcical feel which kept the pace high in and amongst the stories of the lives of these musicians. However, one of the most amusing details about the set is that none of the times on the clocks matched! It was funny, and as most travellers know, very true. Once the characters come and invade this space, you see how much their personalities stand out against the bland backdrop. Because of the sameness of the rooms, and yet the inability to tell where they are or what time it is paired with their inability to leave the motel, it made the play almost absurd in nature. I really liked that element, because it gave us more of a chance to focus on the people and their current situations, which makes you so much more connected to them.

That was one of the easiest and best things about Sextet: the characters and coming to love them. We realize through many soliloquies and scenes of quick dialogue how all of these unique individuals can come together and play, and yet why they don’t always get along. The discussion of sexuality and how it was dealt with I found refreshing and endearing. We feel for the main character, Harry, as he takes us on this journey of self-discovery. It also makes for some very funny and awkward moments in the play, and the dialogue is so witty that it made a subject that can be taboo to something that was natural and amusing.

Honestly, it was such a pleasure getting to see this play. It was full of familiar faces who I adore who took me on a fantastic personal journey. I related so much to the one character, and it was amazing to see how things would up for her. I just can’t even seem to put to words all the amazing things that I felt about this play, and I wish it was still on so everyone could enjoy it!


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